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DayTimeParishWeek of the Month
Saturday5:30 PMSt. Mary’s, Avoca1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Sunday8:00 AM St. Mary’s, Avoca 1, 3, 5
Sunday8:00 AMSt. Patrick’s, Walnut2, 4
Sunday10:00 AM St. Mary’s, Avoca 2, 4
Sunday10:00 AM St. Patrick’s, Walnut 1, 3, 5

KC 20th Annual Golf Tournament

Held at the Avoca Golf & Country Club. This is our main fundraiser each year. $50 donation includes a steak dinner at the Legion Hall after the tournament. $100 donation includes 2 steak dinners. All donations are appreciated. To make donations contact Jamie Coon at 402.659.4070.

This coming July 24/25th

the Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

the Sunday and holy day Mass obligation will be restored

in the Des Moines Diocese. 

Liturgy Assignments

Happy Easter!

Thank you Stephanie Geraghty and helpers for creating such a beautiful St. Mary’s in which to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!

St. Patrick’s, Walnut

COVID-19 Updates:


We are #blessedtobeback as Bishop William Joensen lifts the dispensation July 24/25 and we are invited to return to the Sunday and holy day obligation to attend Mass. Bishop Joensen, in a letter to the faithful, said, “We have all experienced times when an unchosen period of absence has helped us to more deeply appreciate the many gifts in our lives, and my hope is that the same will be true in our experience of Sunday Eucharist and the obligation that points the way toward shared presence with Jesus and one another.”

Read his letter in English, or Spanish. And here is a link to his column in the June edition of The Catholic Mirror in which he invites us to come together as the Body of Christ, as a community of faith “at the wellspring of God’s love.”

Why should I go?

Bishop Joensen explains: “We are invited to worship God who has gratuitously given us everything we have, including life itself. Further, the Mass draws us ever more deeply into the communla Body of Christ, the People of God whom Jesus calls and redeems. Our participation in Mass is not a supplemental practice in the life of discipleship; it is the beating heart of faith, the source and summit of our entire Christian life.”

What if I prefer watching Mass on TV or my computer?

We welcome you and are happy to see you in peson. We hope that you will join us to experience the joy of in-person worship once again. There is no substitute for experiencing the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist in person.  

Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks at liturgies & parish events are optional, though the CDC recommends that parishioners who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear a mask at Mass and other parish activities. For specific information on regathering procedures, follow this link.

What if my health is not good?

There will always be cases where individuals are excused or dispensed for serious reasons. See the Catholic Catechism #2181. These reasons would include, but are not limited to personal illness, known or suspected exposure to COVID-19, or if you are a caretaker of a member of the vulnerable opulation and your participation in Mass would expose him or her to a significant risk of contracting COVID-19. If you are unsure of your situation, please consult with your pastor who can assist you in your discernment.

What if there is a spike in virus cases like last fall?

The diocese continues to monitor the public health situation in southwest Iowa by watching county specific COVID-19 data, and by frequently consulting with local medical experts and diocesan priests. If the diocese observes a significant local increase in COVID-19 cases over the course of two weeks it will consider resuming previous phase restrictions on gatherings and public Masses. These decisions will be made on a county specific basis, and in consultation with the diocesan regathering team, local pastors, and medical experts.


The Vatican, the US Bishops, and Iowa Bishops all say it is okay to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available to you. See more details here:

  • Vatican: Here is the statement from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.
  • US Bishops: Here is their full statement.
  • Iowa Bishops: A statement by the National Catholic Bioethics Center here.

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In 1872, Father B.P. McMenomy, who was pastor at St. Francis Xavier in Council Bluffs, said the first Masses in Walnut and Avoca.  At that time Mass was being offered in various locations in both towns.  The first St. Patrick‚Äôs Church was built in 1874 and St. Mary’s followed in 1875.

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