Unity in Diversity

Unity in diversity is a concept of “unity without uniformity and
diversity without fragmentation” that shifts focus from Unity based on a mere
tolerance of physical, cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, ideological, and
or psychological differences towards a more complex Unity based on understanding.
Unity in diversity teaches us to unite with each other without any differences and
uniformity or fragmentation. Working with diverse people provides more exposure
and makes you a better person. It also teaches individuals to respect the opinion of
Unity in diversity is responsible for enhancing the quality of the teamwork
and completion of the projects within a stipulated time frame. Let’s unite no matter
our differences for better achievements and positive results. In unity lies strength.
Father Seth

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, God richly blesses and crowns your relentless sacrifices for the family, the church and the community.

God Bless you all. – Blessings, Fr. Seth


Act in Service and Get God’s Blessings (Gen 18)

Beloved, The truth is that you don’t need to be kind to only people that you know. Surprisingly, there are some of us who try to be kind to people we only know of good standing or status in society. In so doing we expect that our kindness will be replicated back to us.

God’s type of kindness must be extended to all men and women and must be done out of love and reverence for God. Like Abraham in Genesis 18, who didn’t know that those men or strangers were Angels, let us continue to act in service and get God’s Blessings. God is Kind. So let us be kind towards one another.


Trust God’s Timing

Never get disappointed when things happen beyond our expectations. Remember that the greatest glory in life is rising when you fall. Be strong and have faith. No matter how dark it looks, no matter how long it has been, God will always finish what HE started. Life is always a challenge, but God sustains. The same sun that hardened clay melts the ice. God is strategic, He knows when, how, and where to turn things and manipulate situations in our favor. It’s just a matter of time. Believe and trust God for He keeps his promises.


A Message for the Youth

St. Paul states, “Brothers, I don’t consider myself yet to have taken hold of it but one thing I do – Forgetting what is behind and straining toward to what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Jesus Christ.” Phil 3: 13-14

If you dream the vision, you must dare the mission for fulfillment. In so doing, some may discourage you, others may distract, disturb, disagree, or even attempt to destroy you. But let the desire for achievement drive you for accomplishment. Never give up pursuing your vision in life. Press on the more. BE AN ACHIEVER.


The Christian Mother

Sometimes I take for granted the Christian Mother who is there. The Mother who has raised me, who gave her love and care. The Mother who helped m grow in a fine Christian home. The Mother who has taught me that with God we’re not alone. The Mother who has laughed with me, when all was going well. The Mother who has picked me up the times that I have failed. The Mother I didn’t appreciate until I was fully grown. The sacrifices she made for me as time quickly moved along. The Mother with such Christian faith that helped me from the start. The Mother who I love and cherish and treasure in my heart. You are the Mother like the Good Shepherd teacher for all children and we all salute you to say, “Ayekoo,” “Bravo,” “Congratulations!” Happy Mother’s Day!

Blessings …Fr. Seth


A man went to church and accidentally forgot to switch off when his phone and it rang during prayer time. The pastor was the first to scold him right away. All other worshippers admonished him after the prayer session for interrupting the silence. From church to home his wife kept lecturing him on his carelessness. One could see the shame, the embarrassment, and humiliation all over his face. After all this, he resolved never to step foot into that church again.
That evening, he went to a bar. He was still nervous and trembling. He spilled his drink on the table by accident as a result of the trauma and the heavy shame from the church. The waiter immediately came up to him, knelt before him and apologized and gave him a napkin to clean himself. The janitor mopped the floor, while the female manager offered him a complimentary drink. She also gave him a huge hug and a peck while saying, “Don’t worry sir, Who doesn’t make mistakes?” He has not stopped going to that bar since then.
Sometimes our attitude in church as believers drives souls to Hell. You can make a difference by how special you treat people, especially when they make mistakes or commit the most grievous offenses.
BLESSINGS!  -Father, Seth