The Holy Rosary

As we continue the Praying and recitation of the Holy Rosary, I want us to learn to give ourselves some little time to Reflect and meditate deeply on the various mysteries. The MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY are Meditations on Episodes in the LIFE and DEATH of Jesus from the ANNUNCIATION to the ASCENSION and beyond, namely JOYFUL or JOYOUS MYSTERY:


THE ANNUNCIATION: The angel of God, Gabriel was sent to Mary a virgin, to announce the Good News to her. LK 1:26-37. The word of God will never FAIL.

THE VISITATION: When Mary was told that her relative Elizabeth was also pregnant in her sixth month she hastily went up to visit her cousin who in turn received a sharing of the GRACE that filled Mary’s heart. Being concerned about others even when we have our own troubles and worries to carry or bear. LK 1: 39-56.

THE BIRTH OF JESUS/NATIVITY: Here let us not just think of mere birth but the strenuous process in whichMary journeyed as a woman before she could give birth. Think of the place of birth, Herod’s chase for the child, God’s joyous revelation to poor and ordinary shepherds, and the way the wise men came to discover the truth that Herod failed to believe. God then gives a new route and direction for the wise men to return to their home. LK 2: 1-20

THE PRESENTATION: Per faithfulness to God and Tradition, Mary and Joseph presented the child to the Temple of God. The two prophecies of Simeon and Anna proclaimed and highlighted all that Jesus was destined to accomplish. LK 2 : 21-40.

THE FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE: All Catholic parents love to have their children baptized. However, parents most often fail to give a deeper thougrosaryht and consideration to dedicating their baptized children to the Lord in His Holy Church for service without reservation. This is the time to reflect on how much we dedicate and commit our families to the Lord so that our children can always be traced and found in the house of God other than elsewhere. Lk 2: 41- 52.

We have to do the same with the rest of the MYSTERIES – The Sorrowful , The Mystery of Alight/Luminous, The Glorious. Let us devote time and add our intentions to the mysteries we reflect on trusting in the unfailing intercessions of Mary our Mother.