1. Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile and happy.

2. Your true friends are those who will never avoid you just because they have met new friends.

3. If some people do not appreciate and value your presence work hard to make them value and appreciate your absence.

4. Don’t be angry with anyone who is quiet with you because there must be a reason why they are quiet, and then you will get to know the reason later.

5. It is always better to be a blessing to others at all times than to be a burden at all times.

6. Learn to forgive others not because they deserve it but, you deserve the peace that comes with forgiveness.

7. Know that everyone deserves a second chance and many more chances if they ask for forgiveness, but you must not lose your guard over their intentions.

8. You must not only talk to people in your free time, but you must free your time to talk to people.

9. You must know that the truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie will hurt for a long time.

10. You must learn to value and respect people who tell you the truth no matter how painful the truth is.

Take time to try one or two or the above each day this week. NO PERSON IS ABOVE ADVICE, LOVE, OR WISDOM. ALWAYS STAY HAPPY AND AT PEACE – Father Seth