Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Dearly Beloved Parishioners of St. Mary’s, Avoca and St. Patrick’s, Walnut,

Welcome to yet another beautiful week that the Lord prepares for all of us. I
commit your families and work into the hands of the almighty God for multiple
blessings, abundant graces, success and mercies.

Psalm 69:15 says” “Let not the flood sweep over me, or the deep swallow
me up or the pit close its mouth over me.” God will deliver you from every evil
flood in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will be out of every deep trouble
that has surrounded you.

Despite the fact that King Saul and his host of army got to the battlefield
earlier, David came last to take the victory. It is my prayer for you that no matter
who got there before you, and it does not matter what people are saying about you,
your late arrival to success in life will break barriers, your miracle will break
protocols and your testimony shall last forever.

Therefore don’t take life too seriously, always find time to laugh. Remember

Smiling Smile Balloon Fun Happy Summer Cheerful

that laughter not only adds years to your life but adds more life to your years. Smile for, be good to, stay with, and pray with – OTHERS FOR YOU NEVER KNOW.

Nobody knows tomorrow so never bite the hands that once fed you, the
breast that gave you comfort, or insult the home that gave you shelter.
Treat others with love because by this many have entertained angels without
Father Seth