Father Seth Owusu – Ghana

A LITTLE ABOUT RATHER SETH NANA OWUSU… Fr. Owusu was born July 19, 1969, second and last to my parents, and a sister with four children. We belong to the extended family system and so our family may seem quite large unless with an explanation.

I received my vocation strangely through a church elder who proposed and recommended me to the parish priest without me knowing it till I was once asked to go to the main parish for an entrance exam to the seminary. I innocently went to sit for the exams and eventually passed. My local church shouldered the responsibility to foot my bills and fees till I completed. I was ordained on December 8, 2001. My pastoral assignments: Diocesan Youth Chaplain/Parochial Vicar 2001-2005; Parochial Vicar 2005-2008; Parish Priest 2008-2010; Tutor/Chaplain 2010-2015; Parish Priest 2015-1018.

This, in brief, is Fr. Seth, an open-hearted and selfless priest. Very simple and modest. Always looking cheerful and more concerned about people. Indeed very sacrificing. I know my people will not regret having me. Thanks so much for now.

God bless you. Fr. Seth