Annual Diocesan Appeal

This weekend the Diocese of Des Moines launches the Annual Diocesan Appeal.
Everyone should have or will be receiving from Bishop Pate information about this year’s Appeal. There you will find the many different works that are carried out through the financial gifts given to the Appeal each year. The Bishop is inviting us to share in the work of the diocesan church through our gift to the Annual Appeal.
This year’s goal for each parish is based on a three year average of our income and
that amount is a percentage of the total budget of the diocese, which gives us the percentage of the Annual Appeal Goal of $ 4.3 million. The goal for St. Mary’s is $20,840 and for St. Patrick’s is $9,192. St. Mary’s goal has increased and St. Pat’s has decreased. This is a reflection of the tithing in each parish. In any case, to make the ADA goal we will need the generosity of all parishioners to give a sacrificial gift.
Although Des Moines seems a long way off we still benefit from the ADA. Bishop
Pates has been working hard to raise future vocations to the priesthood. Our gift also makes sure the needs of the poor are met through Catholic Charities. We must not forget the needs of the retired priests who have served our parishes as well. The ADA contributes to each priest’s health care taking that burden off the parish budget.
Since prayer and almsgiving are the hallmarks of the Lenten Season I would like to
ask you to prayerfully consider your pledge to the ADA. All gifts are important, large and
small. Any sacrifice an individual or family makes will be rewarded, for we know that God will not be outdone in generosity. I would like to also say thank you for your commitment to the parishes by the sacrifices, prayers, and participation at Mass. Together we can achieve much and together we will make an effort to help the Kingdom of God be revealed through the good work of the Annual Diocesan Appeal.

Blessings, Father Dooley

What is my responsibility to help the Church? Am I a good steward of my time, talent, and treasure? What more is there that I can be doing? What sacrifices am I to make for my family, my parish, my diocese?