Ten Commandments

During this Lenten Season, I have chosen to use the homily at Mass as an
Examine of Conscience by reflecting on the Ten Commandments. I started off with
an understanding that our moral decisions should not be based on feelings. We need
to develop a well-formed conscience, versus a scrupulous, lax, or erroneous
That is where God’s Ten Commandments come in. They are rooted in the
natural law, the law written on our hearts that can be understood using our reason
alone. It naturally makes sense to have a relationship with God through the first three
commandments, then in our relationships with others by means of the last seven
commandments. These are the beginning of a well-formed conscience. I have three
more Sundays to cover the last seven commandments. Maybe Commandments Four,
Five and Eight could go together on a Sunday, leaving Commandments Six and Nine
for next Sunday and Seven and Ten Commandment for the Fifth Sunday Lent.
I hope that through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit something will tug at
your heart as we reflect on the Ten Commandments. May that inspiration strengthen
you to come to the Sacrament of Reconciliation to be filled with God’s grace.
Blessings, Father Dooley

Do I have a “Well-Formed” conscience? Do the Ten Commandments guide me in
decision making or am I run by my feelings? Do I take advantage of the opportunity
to go to confession?