St. Mary, Mediatrix

In last week’s column I referred to the formal name of St. Mary’s parish as St. Mary Mediatrix of all Grace. What does the word Mediatrix mean? It is someone who co-operates with a mediator.

The Second Vatican Council affirmed that we believe Jesus Christ is the one mediator between God and the human family. His mediation is unique in its divine and human perfection so as to allow others to share in this one source of mediation to the Father. His mother, Mary, uniquely shares in the one mediation of Christ in distributing to the people of God the gifts of eternal salvation obtained from the cross. Lumen Gentium 62

Mary’s role as mother and intercessor is found in the New Testament. At the Annunciation, Mary says yes to the invitation to be the mother of the one mediator, Jesus the Christ. She is the God-bearer mediating Jesus Christ to the world. As mother she brought into the world the Uncreated Grace from which flows every other grace. Lk 1:38 At the Visitation Mary is a living tabernacle bringing the pre-born Jesus to Elizabeth and her pre-born child, John the Baptist, who is filled with the Holy Spirit and leaps for joy in the womb. Lk 1:41 At the Wedding Feast of Cana, Jesus the mediator reveals his glory and begins his ministry as the one mediator because of Mary’s intersession. As Mediatrix, Sassoferrato_-_Jungfrun_i_bön.jpgMary places herself between her son and those in need because of her role as mother. Jn. 2:1 Mary’s role is clearly established at the foot of the Cross. She is given to us by the one mediator as our Mother in the order of Grace. In entrusting Mary to beloved disciple and beloved disciple to Mary, Christ establishes Mary’s new spiritual and universal mediatrix in the order of Grace. Jn.19:26

The one mediator grants to his mother the role of mediatrix of the graces of redemption because she has uniquely shared in his work of redemption. The gift of eternal redemption comes from Calvary and redeeming work of the Savior, the one mediator Jesus Christ. His mother Mary has been given the role by God to bring the gifts of eternal salvation as Mediatrix. Christ is the fountain of Salvation and Mary is the conduit from which the graces flow.

Blessings, Father Dooley