New Vestments, Statue, Crucifix

I hope that parishioners have noticed a few new items purchased for St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s. At St. Patrick’s a set of parish vestments have arrived. Remember the Gold and Red Chasuble at Christmas. They were purchased from a store in Roma, Italy. I was told that the same style was brought for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI when he retired to a small monastery at the Vatican. There is also a different set of vestment on order for St. Mary’s.

Of course folks noticed the new Nativity set at St. Mary’s. The Parish Council also decided on a new five foot statue the Blessed Virgin Mary to be placed on the new pedestal in the courtyard. I thought it appropriate for it to be Our Lady of Fatima during the centennial year. I look forward to seeing the area surrounding it filled with roses. Then with the approval of St. Mary’s Parish and Finance Councils, we have used a generous gift from the Josephine Leslie to purchase a five foot crucifix for the sanctuary. It is more of a modern representation called “Mary Under the Cross.”It has the Virgin Mary catching the blood of Christ in a Chalice. I believe it represents the full name of the parish, “St. Mary Mediatrix of all Grace.” Our Risen Christ in the sanctuary will be placed in the entryway on the west wall commanding us to “go out and teach all nations” and when a casket is placed there before a funeral we will be reminded of Christ’s words “I am the resurrection and the life.”

I am very thankful for the generosity which parishioners have shown to both parishes and I hope that these changes will not only bring beauty to these Houses of God but will also elevated our hearts to heaven. Blessings, Father Dooley