We are coming up on a very important anniversary this week. On October 13th we will celebrate the centennial of the great miracle of Fatima. It was a rain soaked day and thousands had traveled to the little town of Fatima, Portugal because they believed that fatimathe Lady who was appearing to three small shepherd children was going to reveal who she was and that there was going to be some spectacular miracle. The children had been coming to the Cova da Iria on the 13th of every month since May and now this “Lady from Heaven” was going to reveal who she was. She said that she was the “Lady of the Rosary” and that the rosary should be prayed every day.

As the Our Lady opened her hands and rose into the sky, suddenly the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the Sun shone brightly. It continued to get larger and brighter, it spun around and beautiful colors seemed to be coming from it. Then, just as suddenly, the sun appeared to be falling out of the sky. The thousands of people were terrified, many dropped to their knees in prayer, others shouted out in fear and just as suddenly, the Sun returned to its proper place in the heavens.

The people realized that their clothes we dry and the ground was sun baked as though it had not rained in weeks. Newspapers reported the miracle, non-believers witnessed the event. Even people twenty miles away experienced the Miracle of the Sun.

Blessings, Father Dooley

QUESTIONS FOR THOUGHT How much of the story of Fatima do I know? Do I need to have a superabundant miracle to strengthen my faith? Is Fatima an important event in the history of the world?