When we were baptized we were incorporated into Church as a child of God. This first sacrament paves the way for us to have many privileges like receiving the other sacraments and also many responsibilities like attending Mass regularly and becoming a faith full disciple. Christ Jesus truly wants his followers to travel down the road of spiritual excellence as we are called to grow in holiness.crucifixion1

It is important for a disciple to grow in holiness as one comes closer to Christ. Holiness is not so much about being separated from the world, but holiness is bringing God into the world. Christ revealed the Father’s love to the people He encountered every day. The disciples were sent out in the villages and towns with the message of the Gospel that God is near to you this day. We are asked to share the same message with the people we encounter every day. It is by our actions that others will either be attracted to or repelled from joining Christ Jesus.

We have been given a mission to bring others to Christ and His Church. This is not done with grand arguments or finely woven presentations. It is usually accomplished by a smile, a kind word, or a simple gesture. When our lives radiate Christ others will be drawn to the beauty that is the Catholic Faith.

Blessings, Father Dooley

QUESTIONS FOR THOUGHT How have I shared my faith in the past? Do my words and actions attract others to the Gospel? What hinders me from sharing my faith at home, work, or at school?