Plan Your Spiritual Life

Summer is in full swing now. Outdoor activities abound – baseball, softball, camping and vacations to exciting places. We are a busy people. When it comes to planning a trip most of us will get out the map or the G.P.S. to have an idea of where we are going to find what the shortest route is or the most scenic route. This insures that our vacation is a pleasant one and we get to our destination.

Maybe each one of us needs to do a little planning for our spiritual lives. Like planning a trip we need to plan how to get to Heaven which is our final destination. We should have goals for each day, each week, each month and each year that will strengthen the spiritual life. There are many opportunities out there to learn about the faith. There are many good books, magazines and videos which will inform and also challenge. How can a person make progress in the spiritual life without a plan? Simply put, you can’t. It has been said that if one is not progressing then one is regressing and that just won’t do if the goal is union with God for all eternity.

The Spiritual Plan of life is simple. Just review what you are doing now as far as prayer, study and service then create a plan that you will follow each day, each week, every month and then yearly. Set a goal for adding just one new prayer, or reading a book on the faith and challenge yourself to be of service to someone. If you pray five minutes a day shoot for ten minutes, if you read one book a year on the faith try reading two. If you volunteer twice a month go for four times. Set a goal for going on a retreat yearly. God will reward you if not in this life, surely in the next. With a Spiritual Plan of Life you will be able to determine if you are moving in the right direction or if you are faltering.

Think about it… Do I have a spiritual plan in order to get to Heaven? What is the foundation of my faith life today? I plan for many important thing in life, why not my prayer life? Do I believe it is just a given that all will get to heaven?

Blessings, Father Dooley